Welcome to the Whistleblower Function of the National Property Board Sweden

The Board´s whistleblower service is administrated by Interactive Security International AB which is an external service provider to the National Property Board of Sweden.

Interactive Security guarantees full anonymity and confidentiality throughout the entire case process.

As a Whistleblower, you are always anonymous and are given the opportunity to report suspected irregularities concerning the National Property Board Sweden.

National Property Board Sweden encourages employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and others to report suspicious events to the Whistleblower Service at Interactive Security.

Send your report by using one of the following options:

It's important that you leave as much information as possible.

It's recommended that your report includes the following information:

  • What kind of irregularity you want to report.
  • Where these have occured.
  • When it happened. Date, time and if it has been reoccurring.
  • Who or whom was involved.
  • Optional contact information (Your name, phone number, e-mail address)
  • Documentation in any form if you have access to it, or if you know that there is documentation and if so, what and where.
  • Information about other actions taken in response to the irregularaties.

It's important that you read and understand how personal data are handled in the section "Data protection" before you leave your report.

What can be reported through the function?

A whistleblowing function is designed to detect serious irregularaties like:

  • Economic crimes such as bribery, fraud or forgery
  • Corrupt missuse of senior position.
  • Major deficiencies in workplace safety. 
  • Serious environmental risks.
  • Serious forms of discrimination or haressments.

A whistleblowing function should not be used to report minor offenses or general dissatisfaction and complaints.


Under current legislation, certain criteria must be met for someone to qualify as capable of being reported in a whistleblowing function.

It is only possible to report persons in leading positions or in key positions within the organisation.

This is how your report is handled

All received reports are handled promptly by the company Interactive Security, acting as an external partner to National Property Board Sweden

All reports will receive a unique case number, which you use for all further dialogue with Interactive Security on matters like additions or status of your case.

When a new report is received by Interactive Security, it's immediately anynomized.

The anonymised case is then forwarded to National Property Board Sweden that decides if the report will be investigated further or not.

Whether the report is investigated further or not, status of the case can always be reported back to the whistleblower if contact details was submitted when the report was made.

External agent Interactive Security is completely independent of National Property Board Sweden and acts as non-disqualified part in relation to the actual event. Phone calls are completely confidential and will not be recorded. No IP addresses are recorded.